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How to Volunteer

REC could not achieve its mission without scores of volunteers who share its vision to serve Christ by serving the prison residents who are searching for Him.

REC Prison Ministry volunteers come from all walks of life. They all share a desire to follow and serve Christ and to help encourage the prison inmate population to become more active Christians during and after their incarceration. REC volunteers find the ministry deeply rewarding and spiritually enriching. They receive as much as they give.

Ways to get involved

  • Volunteer to work as a team member.
  • Participate in the Hootenanny.
  • Write palanca letters – English and Spanish are needed. (Contact us for information about writing these letters.)
  • Play music, or sing.
  • Pray, for those in prison and members and volunteers of Residents Encounter Christ (REC).
  • Talk about us – to others who may want to volunteer and learn more REC.
  • Support the REC program with a monetary donation.

Send a message to volunteer

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“For an hour and a half, guys gave testimony, heartfelt, impassioned. No
hardened criminals, these guys were weeping, trying their best to put emotions
into words…. That morning we had arrived frozen; nine hours later, we, especially me, were thawed out. It became clear that we volunteers weren’t the ones in charge; the Spirit was.”

REC Volunteer


“You don’t go to the margins to rescue anybody, but go figure, when we all go to the margins, everybody gets rescued. That’s kind of how it works.”

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